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How to Welcome a New Employee 

The first day of a new job can bring feelings of excitement and nervousness for many people. As an employer, you know how important it is that your new employees feel welcome and comfortable, especially on their first day. Here are some ways to accomplish this task: 

  • Initial greetingMake sure your new employee knows where to go when they arrive. Be sure to have an ID ready for them to use if your building has a security system. Your new employee will need to fill out the necessary paperwork in the morning, but once that is finished, be sure their desk is ready for them with a computer and phone.

  • Office tourTake your employee for a tour of the office, pointing out important places like the bathroom, conference room and break room. You can even assign another more experienced employee to be the new employee’s go-to for location questions during the first few weeks. This way, your new employee knows they always have someone to talk to if they are confused.

  • TrainingRun your new employee through the orientation process to familiarize them with your organization’s mission, policies and benefits, among other important points. Try to make yourself available as much as possible to answer questions as your employee learns the ins and outs of their role and the organization as a whole.

  • Introduction to the teamYou can introduce your new employee to their co-workers during the office tour, or you may choose to schedule an introductory meeting. Have your current employees share their names, job positions and even a fun fact to break the ice.

With these tips in mind, you can help ensure your new employee feels welcomed and has a great first day in their new role.