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Rideshare Insurance

In the last decade, the ridesharing and personal driver industry has exploded within the U.S., allowing consumers the ability to hire a vehicle on demand that is driven by one of a multitude of drivers operating under a ridesharing app’s banner. This has upended the car service industry (which was once dominated by taxi and shuttle services) by enabling the average driver to make money off of transporting paying customers on their own time. 

All rideshare companies—Uber, Lyft, Gett etc.—share a common goal of providing trustworthy, reliable drivers to meet the demand of those who need convenient car services. When you choose to drive for one, you should be committed to meeting the demands of your passenger.  

You must start by having strong auto insurance benefits, and Lefebvre Insurance Agency will help you design the rideshare benefits that are customized to your advantage. 

Understanding Rideshare Insurance 

To provide good service as a rideshare driver, you must also provide a safe service. Still, you cannot avoid the fact that sometimes, accidents happen. And when they do, they might be costly not only to you, but also to the customer.  

It’s an unfortunate fact, however, that your standard auto insurance might not provide the benefits you need under the circumstances. Most personal policies explicitly exclude vehicles from coverage when they are used commercially. 

To fill this gap, you will need to ensure that you have rideshare insurance benefits augmenting your standard auto policy. While your rideshare partner might provide supplementary benefits, these might not fully integrate within your own policy.  

Therefore, a personal rideshare insurance policy will make sure you have a seamless benefit available if you ever need to use it. Essentially, your policy will be guaranteed to provide consistent benefits when you are both “app on” and “app off.” All in all, regardless of whether you are driving for your rideshare or just doing personal errands, you can rest assured that you will have adequate benefits attached.  

We provide policies for drivers in Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, and the surrounding areas. Just request a quote from your Lefebvre Insurance Agency partner today to discuss your options to keep you covered while you're on the road!