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Pet Insurance

You already know the importance of health insurance for you and your family, but have you considered the benefits of an insurance policy for your pet? Veterinary care is expensive; from everyday illnesses to emergencies, the costs of veterinary care can add up considerably over a pet’s lifetime. A pet insurance policy can help offset the costs of regular veterinary care or unexpected injuries or illness.   

Lefebvre Insurance Agency is proud to offer pet insurance solutions to residents of Providence, Pawtucket, and beyond. Call us today to get started. 

What Is Pet Insurance? 

Pet insurance is a type of health care policy that reimburses pet owners for certain medical expenses, often up to a certain allowed amount. Every policy is different, so it’s best to be informed of your policy’s details to truly understand what may or may not be covered under your policy. Additionally, pet insurance policies are different from health policies for people, in that insurers can exclude coverage for pets with pre-existing conditions. Talk to Lefebvre Insurance Agency today to learn more about the pet insurance solutions available to you.  

What Does Pet Insurance Cover? 

With pet insurance, you may be able to receive reimbursement for several animal medical expenses, including: 

  • Regular veterinary care 
  • Emergency surgeries  
  • Diagnostic tests  
  • Medications  
  • Treatments  
  • Hospital stays 

Every pet insurance policy is different. Check with Lefebvre Insurance Agency today to learn more about what your policy may be able to cover.  

How Do I Get Pet Insurance? 

Lefebvre Insurance Agency is proud to work with every client to develop the pet insurance plan that is optimized for them. Contact us to learn more about our pet insurance coverage options.