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Does Home Insurance Cover Personal Injury? 

Injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. If they happen on your property, you may be financially responsible for them. A personal injury occurs when a person who does not live at the home suffers some type of loss as a result of being on your property. The good news is most home insurance policies provide financial help here. 

Do You Have Coverage? 

Personal injury coverage is a part of most standard home insurance plans. This type of claim falls under your liability insurance. Remember, liability insurance protects others. It provides financial compensation to those who suffer loss as a result of being at your location or due to your negligence. It can also cover instances in which someone suffers loss caused by those who live in your home. It is important to read your liability policy. Some plans offer significant limitations and exclusions here. It is important to know what coverage you do have. a large lawn in front of a house

What Are Examples of Covered Claims? 

Most people do a good job maintaining their home. You do not set out to make it dangerous for others. Yet, even in very safe locations, injuries can occur. Here are some examples: 

  • Someone slips and falls on your deck due to ice buildup or snow.

  • A child playing at your home falls and hits their head.

  • A worker repairing your light fixture falls from a ladder and suffers a broken bone.

  • Someone visiting your home suffers an injury due to falling down the stairs.

  • A visitor falls on a hole in your yard that you did not know about.

These examples are of incidents that are unintentional and accidental. You did not know there was a risk present. 

What Should You Do If Someone Suffers an Injury? 

Your first obligation is to ensure that the injured person gets medical help if needed. Encourage them to get that help. Then, call your home insurance agent. Your agent will gather the contact information for the individual. From this point, you generally do not have a role in the process. The injured party will send claims to your insurer. The insurer will verify the claims and pay them. If the case goes to court, your insurer will usually provide legal defense for you. 

This is a part of your home insurance policy. Accidents can occur to anyone. With insurance protection, you do not have to worry about the outcome of those losses.