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HVAC Contractors Insurance

Most homes and businesses are outfitted with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVACs). These systems require the care and service provided by specialized technicians. HVAC contractors need to be careful of electrical equipment, employee injury and property damages when running their businesses.  

The experts at Lefebvre Insurance Agency can assist you in creating a customized, professionally backed commercial insurance policy portfolio to help ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your HVAC business. We offer policies for residents of Providence, Rhode Island and surrounding communities, and we’re here to help you sift through the myriad of policy options on the market to find you the perfect coverage solutions.  

Common HVAC Contractors Insurance Questions  


What is covered by HVAC contractors insurance?  

A variety of insurance products can protect HVAC contractors against exposures related to equipment breakdown, crime, environmental liability and more. HVAC contractors should consider investing in:

  • Property Insurance: This coverage will insure your company assets — such as buildings, stock, inventory, equipment and furnishings.  
  • General Liability Insurance: Your mistakes might cause property damage or bodily harm to others, such as your customers. When these accidents occur, your policy can help you compensate that party if they sue you for their losses.  
  • Business Interruption Insurance: If an unexpected accident forces you to halt operations temporarily, then this coverage can help you pay overhead expenses until you reopen.  
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Vehicles owned by your business must adhere to state auto insurance laws. You can use this plan to cover the costs of wrecks or other hazards.  
  • Professional Liability Insurance: When your professional mistakes or advice cause a client financial harm, this coverage pays for your recovery costs.  
  • Builder’s Risk/Inland Marine Insurance: Projects in progress, and the materials associated with them, will have coverage against such perils s fires, vandalism and severe weather damage.  
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: You will likely be required to buy this coverage. It helps you compensates employees for medical expenses and lost wages after an on-the-job injury.  
  • Surety Bonds: A surety bond is a legal guarantee that obligates you to repay your clients if you fail to meet the obligations guaranteed by your contract.
  • Equipment Insurance: To protect employee equipment and other essential items, you will need to make sure they have the appropriate coverage.

Numerous specialty policy endorsements and supplementary plans can be integrated into your full portfolio, as well. Speak to our agents to learn more about how we can help you better tailor your benefits.  

Who should have HVAC contractors insurance?  

HVAC contractors insurance is designed to cover businesses related to refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation.  

Does regular contractors insurance cover HVAC specialists?  

Regular contractors insurance covers carpentry, construction, electricity, landscaping and roofing. If your business spans multiple specialties, then consider purchasing more generalized contractors benefits in addition to coverage that is customized for HVAC operations. 

How much is HVAC contractors insurance?  

Lefebvre Insurance Agency offers competitive pricing when it comes to insuring your HVAC business. Together, we can assess which coverage best suits your needs and build an affordable package that fits within your budget.