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Pool & Spa Insurance

If you construct spas, swimming pools or other leisure properties, then you must work with a high degree of skill and specialization. After all, the average pool or spa setting will involve unique construction techniques and specific liability considerations. While it is your goal to do as effective a job as possible, with minimal setbacks, you can’t ignore the fact that something might go wrong. Numerous hazards might threaten your business, stall operations or lead to problems for the client after you think you’ve finished the work. 

In any of these cases, quality commercial insurance options will be there to help you through your recovery process. When you choose Lefebvre Insurance Agency as your local commercial insurance provider, we’ll make sure you get the policy solutions that are optimized for your operations. We proudly serve Provident, Pawtucket, and the surrounding areas, and can help you get your perfect contractors insurance benefits today. 

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What Coverage Do Pool and Spa Contractors Need? 

All contractors must tailor their insurance to their special needs. After all, constructing a spa or swimming complex is different from constructing a family home or office building. 

To get the right policy, contractors will need multiple benefits and usually must obtain several different policies in order to do so. These benefits generally include: 

  • Liability Insurance: In case of bodily injury or property damage to other parties (like your clients) caused by any of your employees or tools, you need liability coverage to protect your company’s financial assets.  
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: If you’re a contractor, then you and your employees are bound to travel frequently. Personal auto insurance won’t necessarily cover you when you have a crash in a work-related or company-owned vehicle.  
  • Commercial Property Insurance: Protect your company’s property in the face of loss or damage with commercial property insurance.  
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance: When a property is under construction, it could sustain damage from fires, vandalism, severe weather and other events. This coverage will ensure that you can replace the damaged property and materials without significant financial loss.  
  • Inland Marine Insurance: Since you must transport materials and equipment to construction sites, this coverage will ensure that these materials remain insured will off your company premises. 
  • Pollution Coverage: Working on pools typically means working with chemicals. In case of a spill or other accident, this can help cover you for liability, injury, or property damage caused by your work chemicals.  
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Almost every business is required to have workers’ compensation for when employees are injured on the job. This coverage will pay them a requisite income replacement and medical assistance as a result of their injuries. 
  • Umbrella Insurance: Umbrella insurance fills in gaps that other liability coverages leave behind.  

Any job with physical labor has a higher risk of injury or damage than most jobs. Pool and spa contractors face an added danger triggered by the use of chemicals and the possibility of slipping, falling and even drowning. Without insurance, your company could face great loss from legal costs and other accidents, and that’s not a risk you want to face on your own. 

Our agents work with top insurance companies to find you the best rates for the right coverage. Call Lefebvre Insurance Agency today or fill out a free online quote to learn more about this important coverage.