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What To Do If You Hit an Object With Your Car 

No driver is perfect, and we are all prone to mistakes when we get behind the wheel. During your years as a driver, you would probably be an outlier if you hadn’t backed into a pole or hit the side of a building at one point or other. Luckily, if you have car insurance, then your plan might provide the coverage necessary to help you repair such damage. 

However, whether your policy covers collisions with stationary objects will depend on the terms of the plan. In the end, you must report the damage to the police and appropriately file the claim with your insurer in order to reap the benefits. Here’s how it works. 

Insuring Damage to Others’ Property 

Suppose that when backing out of a friend’s driveway one cay, you accidentally hit a column that sits at the end of the drive. The column collapses as a result of the collision, and as a result the owner will have to have it rebuilt. At this point, your auto insurance’s liability insurance will kick in. 

Because you backed into your neighbor’s column, you were at fault for the damage (after all, the column could not have caused the damage). Therefore, you will be responsible, legally, for paying for the repairs. At this time, your liability insurance’s property damage coverage will assist you in paying for the damage. Your insurance company will work with your friend to reach an appropriate settlement.  

Covering Damage to Your Own Car 

If your own car sustained damage when you backed into your friend’s column, then you will have to look elsewhere from your liability insurance. Your vehicle’s damage will be covered under a separate benefit called collision insurance. Because you were moving when you hit the column, then the wreck will be considered a collision by definition.  

Your collision coverage will contains deductibles and other terms that will determine precisely how much compensation you will be entitled to receive. However, with the help of your agent, you’ll be able to optimize this benefit to your advantage. Still, because collision coverage is often an optional benefit, then you must ask your agent to include it in your plan in the first place. 

Having the right types of auto insurance will be critical to protecting your finances when accidents with stationary objects occur If you are unsure if you have this coverage, call your agent. Be sure you have ample protection. It's a great way to avoid having to pay for extremely expensive damage costs when accidents occur.