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SR-22 Insurance

Certain high-risk drivers may be required to obtain a certificate of financial responsibility—called an SR-22—in order to drive legally in their state. Every state has its own rules surrounding SR-22 requirements, so be sure to work with the team at Lefebvre Insurance Agency to understand what your obligations may be.  

We proudly serve Providence, Pawtucket, and the surrounding areas. SR-22 recipients can trust us to always see to their coverage needs. 

What Is an SR-22? 

An SR-22 is a certificate your insurance company files on your behalf, typically with your state. It verifies that you are carrying auto insurance that meets the state’s required minimums.  

Is an SR-22 Expensive? 

Costs of SR-22 insurance vary based on various factors such as the amount of coverage selected and if you are seeking an operator, owner or operator-owners certificate. There may also be additional fees for filing the certificate with your state. Work with your agent to determine what your costs may include.  

How to Get an SR-22  

Lefebvre Insurance Agency understands that it might feel like a challenge to obtain insurance if you’re required to also have an SR-22. But we’re here to help. We’ll make the processes of filing for and keeping your certificate easy. Contact us today to get started.