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Pet Insurance

Every member of the family deserves to be taken care of when they get sick, even man’s best friend. Veterinary care is expensive, but your pet should be able to receive the care they need without costing their owner an astronomical sum.

Pet medical costs are becoming more and more expensive as new veterinary technologies emerge. Just like with your own medical care, you probably don’t have a lot of room in your family budget to pay for these costs out of pocket. That’s why numerous insurers now offer pet insurance as an affordable and simple way to afford the care your furry friend needs.

Lefebvre Insurance Agency is proud to offer pet insurance benefits to residents of Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, Warwick, East Providence and beyond. Just all us, and you’ll be well on your way to getting covered.

Protect Your Furry Family Members

With pet insurance, you’ll be able to receive reimbursement for numerous animal medical expenses, including:

  • Regular veterinary care
  • Emergency surgeries
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Medications
  • Treatments
  • Hospital stays

All in all, you can consider your plan to almost the same as your own health insurance. It’s there to make sure that you have peace of mind when illness, accidents or injury strikes.

The agents at Lefebvre Insurance Agency know how important it is for your pets to be covered should any unforeseen sicknesses or injuries arise. Contact us to learn more about our Pet Insurance coverage options or click here to fetch a quote.